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Third Annual Character Showcase

There is a talent show happening and we’d love to have you join us!

The Advocates of Compassion Club is proud to announce the Third Annual Character Showcase, rescheduled to  Wednesday, April 11, at 6p.m. There is no admission, but you’re invited to bring a personal hygiene item to donate. Show will be in the High School Auditorium. 

During the school year, it is far too easy for students and faculty to become absorbed in their work. The Showcase is a time to share things you’re interested in and, most importantly, have a little fun!

The event is designed to celebrate character, or what traits make one an individual.

At the Showcase, you may enjoy:

  • A solo or group dance routine

  •  A skit/short play

  • Students singing

  • Someone playing an instrument

  • A science experiment demonstration

  • A student performing a monologue

  • A comedy routine

Remember, character is up to interpretation – what you share need not be well-known or traditional. Hope to see you at the show, or even better, *in* the show!