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The HFCS Crisis Team has collected the resources on this page to assist people with mental health. The HFCS Crisis Team is made up of professionals who work collaboratively to meet the behavioral, emotional and academic needs of students and families. The team meets regularly to develop programs and interventions to assist students. The team is made up of the following members:

Main Phone Number: 518-686-7321


School Social Workers:
Lisa Bundrick – x1018
Elementary (K-6)
Crisis Team Co-Chairs:
Kristin Philpott – x1605
Amy Netti – x1302
School Counselors:
Judy Woodard – x1508
Grades 7-9
Jessica Balch – x1512
Grades 10-12
School Psychologists:
Corie Linehan – x2219
High School (7-12)
Jessica Etien – x1014
Elementary (K-6)
Dean Of Students
Mario Torres– x1122
School Nurses
Jane Conte– x1514
High School (7-12)
Jan McGuire – x1304
Elementary (K-6)

Students may be referred to any member at any time. Please feel free to contact the crisis team for further information.

Kristin Philpott and Amy Netti

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Suicide Prevention – Power Point Presentation Download
Samaritan Hospital – Mental Health Resources Download
211 and Contact Lifeline – Mental Health Resources Download
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Child and Adolescent Mobile Team Download
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