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HFCS Appreciative of the PTA!

At Hoosick Falls Central School, we are fortunate to have a very vibrant, active, and dedicated PTA that does extraordinary work to enhance the educational journey of your children.

Many people think that the PTA “stops after 6th grade”, but that is a big misperception; the PTA helps out students kindergarten through senior year!

Jr. / Sr. High School Principal Stacy Vadney said, “PTA funding has made it possible for our students to have access to educational opportunities, in and out of the classroom.” She notes, “Many of these experiences would not have been possible otherwise.”

Each year the HFCS PTA works hard supporting the school through things such as providing apples for teachers and staff on the first day, holding four open houses, an elementary school book fair and a high school book fair. The PTA sponsors field day t-shirts, the purchase of K-Helmets, and supports PARP (Parents As Reading Partners), as well as ADAPT, (Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Team), a committee responsible for planning and hosting a safe, substance-free after-prom celebration for the high school juniors and their guests. The list of what the PTA does is quite large – bingo nights, family movie nights, and so many other activities.

There are also clubs and activities, K-12, that can do a lot more because of the support from the PTA. In the Jr. / Sr. High School those include Tech Club, a life skills class trip to Colonie, the art department trip to Guggenheim, and the 11th-grade prom as a Grand March sponsor. In the Elementary School, those include Knitting Club, the 3rd grade trip to Proctors Theatre, weekend backpack program, paying for snacks for needy children, the Art League trip to MoMA in NYC, and the 1st grade trip to Lake Lauderdale.

They PTA also gives field trip support for 6th, 8th, and 12th-grade trips ($1000 each grade).

Amy Netti, Hoosick Falls Elementary School principal, said, “The support of our PTA is instrumental in affording our students the opportunity to engage in amazing learning experiences outside the walls of our school.”

Photo: 2016 Recipients Of PTA Scholarships

The PTA also awards scholarships for juniors and seniors at the end of each school year. Those are the Jenkins Scholarship Award (seniors only), Stanley Marcus Scholarship Award (juniors & seniors), and the Arts Scholarship (for performing arts and visual arts).

The PTA is a big part of our school and does great things for the children of our community. HFCS sincerely appreciates the hard work that the PTA does, as well as the continued support of the PTA from the community. This support is how the PTA can get so much accomplished. It takes a lot of hours, and the dedicated volunteers can always use some extra help – so if you can, please get involved!

Fall Pumpkins

Another way to support PTA is to participate in events and fundraisers they organize. The Annual Fall Festival is a staple event in the Hoosick community, and always a great family event. Right now the PTA is selling Panther Pride gear, which is something we can never seem to have enough of in our closets!

The next fundraiser for the PTA is the Color-A-Thon Fun Run, which happens on the school campus on May 25, 2017. There will be two races – one for the elementary school and another for the junior / senior high school. Students are fundraising now, and it all goes to help the PTA continue to do great things for the students in Hoosick Falls.

Ms. Vadney, said, “The Hoosick Falls PTA is such a valuable resource for our school community.  The time and effort they put into coordinating events to support our programming and services for our students is greatly appreciated.” She added, “Thank you to the PTA for all that you do for our school community!”