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HFCS PTA Reflects on a Successful Year and Honors Founders Day and Scholarship Recipients

At its final meeting of the school calendar, officers of the HFCS PTA reported a very successful fundraising year with a focus to direct past budget surpluses to reduce the number of fundraisers conducted by each class for field trips.  The PTA, through its coordinated efforts with HFCS administration, now manages all the fundraising for grades Kindergarten through 5th, which reduces the number of fundraisers each year to just two. The continued involvement of parents, teachers and administration assures a vibrant organization with a variety of programs that promote literacy, the arts, and curriculum support.

2017 HFCS PTA founders award winner

Announced as this year’s Founders Day award recipient was Susan Hale, Kindergarten reading teacher at Hoosick Falls Central School. Nominated by her team colleague of 18 years, Sarah Fleming, Mrs. Hale worked in the school district 34 years and taught over 1,000 students to read. Her unwavering commitment to her students and community have been demonstrated through numerous home visits to pre-kindergarten families, generous quiet acts of kindness to students and their families in need, and outstanding collaborative efforts with her colleagues. In addition to her recognition as someone who makes a difference in our community, Mrs. Hale was awarded $100 to give to a children’s association/organization of her choice. She chose the Cheney Library.

The PTA Founders’ Day (February 17, 1897) is the story of a group of lay people, a few thousand at first, now millions throughout the land, who make it their task to build a world of happy promise for children. In observing Founders’ Day, members pay tribute to the founders and to other PTA leaders. Recipients of this award are recognized as people who carry on that “happy promise for children.” Past recipients of this PTA award are: Kenneth Baker, Joyce Brewer, Terri Burdick, Cathy Corcoran, Jim Cormier, Michelle Culver, Bill Gaillard, Dawn Gilbert, Helen Hemendinger, Joseph Holloway, Penny Holmes, Jason Jansen, Steve Johnson, Helen Levandowski, Leo McGuire, Lillian Mitchie, the staff at Morning Star Daycare and Preschool, Aelish Nealon, Dale Ninivaggi, T.J. Rasmus, Frank Redden, Sharon Sigot, Virginia Skorupski, Ike Stevens, Marion Stevens, Greg Wilson, and Father Tom Zelker.

2017 HFCS PTA Scholarship Winners

Four talented graduating seniors were also honored with scholarships. Emma Kelly received the Jenkins Memorial Scholarship for her scholastic achievement and commitment to furthering her education in teaching. Anna Brewer received the Stanley Marcus Humanitarian Award for her outstanding volunteer service and quality of humanitarian activities. Emma Spivak received an Arts Scholarship for her body of work and commitment to the arts through her academic study with plans to major in art history. Renee St. Hilaire also received an Arts Scholarship as one of the most accomplished musicians at HFCS and her ability to use music to connect to those she has lost.

The HFCS PTA is proud of its scholarship recipients and remains committed to supporting their achievements.

Article & Photos submitted by Paula Kamperman, HFCS PTA