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HFCS Seeks Members for Community Facilities Committee

On October 17, the 2017 Capital Project proposal for Hoosick Falls Central School District (HFCSD) was defeated by a vote of 456-418. HFCSD is now searching for individuals residing within the school district to serve on a newly-formed Community Facilities Committee. Members of the committee will be invited to offer a new perspective on the building and infrastructure updates that were proposed in the 2017 Capital Project.

Committee members can be anyone who has an interest in Hoosick Falls Central School and how a capital project might impact students, taxpayers, and the community overall. Whether you have a child or grandchild at the school or not, the school district wants your input and ideas.

The 2017 Capital Project proposal included renovations to the building and classrooms including upgrading the lighting, HVAC, and plumbing systems; updating the school’s 55-year-old bathrooms to make them handicap-accessible, and classroom updates that would put the district more on par with national learning standards. Doing the changes as a capital project allows the district to qualify for and use millions of dollars of state aid to help pay for the repairs and renovations, so taxpayers pay a smaller part of the costs.

If you are interested in serving on the Community Facilities Committee, please call Pam Cottrell, district clerk, at 518-686-7012, ext. 1600, by Friday, Dec. 22. The committee is expected to meet several times during January and February of 2018, during the evening.