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The Top Ten Scholars of the Class of 2018

The Hoosick Falls Central School District (HFCSD) is proud to announce the Top Ten Scholars for the Class of 2018. These students have displayed self-initiative, determination, and a commitment to excellence, resulting in their academic success. The district proudly congratulates them for their efforts and commitment to learning.

Here are the Top Ten Scholars for the HFCS Class of 2018:

Danielle Theresa St. Hilaire, Valedictorian      

Danielle St. Hilaire

Valedictorian Danielle St. Hilaire

When you view the resume of Danielle Saint Hilaire, you can see that she is very busy. Beside earning the top spot in her class with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 98.6285, and winning several academic awards, Saint Hilaire is involved in the arts and multiple clubs at Hoosick Falls Central School (HFCS) and also volunteers for several organizations in the Hoosick Falls community.

Danielle is a songwriter and musician who has been an important part of HFCS’ music program while attending HFCS. She has participated in Symphonic, Pep, and Jazz Bands, and in various choruses and choirs including Senior Chorus and the Show Choir. She also writes for the Panther Post, is a member of the National Honor Society and is President of the Performing Arts Council. This year, Danielle played Ursula in the spring production of The Little Mermaid and has played a part in previous shows and showcases.

Danielle is also very involved in the Hoosick Falls community, volunteering at her church, including as a Sunday School Teacher, playing with the Community Band, and helping at various fundraisers and service learning experiences.

In addition to her interests in volunteering and performance arts, Danielle is an AP student in multiple subjects including AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature & Composition, and AP Calculus. Her plans for next year include attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and majoring in Biology on her way to medical school and becoming a Pediatrician.

Danielle’s parents are Austin and Heather Saint Hilaire of Hoosick Falls. She has three siblings, Tiffany, Renee, and Gabriella. When asked about future goals, Danielle expressed the desires to be happy and “to use the gifts I’ve been blessed with to help others.”

Bridget Redick

Salutatorian Bridget Redick

Bridget Lynn Redick, Salutatorian

Bridget Redick is HFCS’ Salutatorian, earning a GPA of 98.0307. Bridget will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) next fall to continue the study of her favorite subject, mathematics.

Bridget will tell you that she loves math and is very pleased to be able to pursue the topic further at RPI. In her junior year, Bridget was nominated for and awarded RPI’s Rensselaer Medal, a $100,000 scholarship opportunity for students who have distinguished themselves in math and science. She hopes to eventually find a career where she can continue to use her math knowledge and skills.

Bridget has been involved with the Drama Club, Symphonic Band, and Chorus during her time at HFCS. She also is a member of the National Honor Society. She maintains a schedule with several AP-level classes including AP Calculus, AP English Literature & Composition, and AP Chemistry.

Bridget lives in Pittstown with her mother, Marie Redick.

Allison Josephine Perry

Allison Perry is graduating third in the Class of 2018 with 97.4037 GPA. Allison has played Girls’ Soccer at HFCS throughout her high school years and Girls’ Lacrosse during grades 10-12 and is a Scholar Athlete. She is a member of Key Club and was a member and Secretary for the Junior National Honor Society and is a member and the Historian for the National Honor Society.

Allison Perry

Allison Perry

Allison regularly volunteers at Second Chance Animal Shelter in Shaftsbury, Vt., and volunteers for her church and for the community through Key Club.

Allison is a student in several AP classes, including AP Psychology and AP Chemistry. She plans to attend Siena College next fall, where she will study Biology.

Allison is the daughter of Mary Beth and Alexander Perry and lives with them and her two younger sisters, Amy and Megan, in Eagle Bridge.

Caitlyn Lee Boyd

Caitlyn Boyd takes the fourth spot in the Class of 2018, maintaining a 97.1460 GPA.

She was chosen as New York’s representative for the Distinguished Young Women of New York Program, and is a finalist for the John Liporace Scholarship this year.

Caitlyn Boyd

Caitlyn Boyd

Caitlyn has taken various AP-level classes, including AP Studio Art, AP English Literature & Composition, and AP SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry.

Caitlyn volunteers at the Hoosick Falls Youth Center and at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital in Schenectady.

Caitlyn credits her involvement in the visual and performing arts at HFCS with allowing her to “blossom,” and she has presented to younger girls on the importance of “being your best self” as part of her Distinguished Young Women of New York duties. She has been very involved in the music program at HFCS and starred as Ariel in this year’s spring production of The Little Mermaid, gaining many Elementary School fans in the process.

Caitlyn will go to the Rhode Island School of Design next fall to study Museum Studies and Art Conservation.

Caitlyn’s mother is Laurie Borge, her step-father, Jaimie Borge, and her father is Richard Boyd. Caitlyn lives in Hoosick Falls with her family and has an older brother Spencer, a brother Mason in seventh grade, step-sister Hannah Borge, and a brother William Borge in pre-kindergarten.

Guy Gabriel Milliman

Guy Milliman

Guy Milliman

Guy Milliman knows the benefits you can reap when you work hard. Guy has the fifth spot in the Class of 2018, with a GPA of 96.6759, and has excelled in the HFCS Boys’ Basketball and Boys’ Lacrosse sports programs, serving as Captain of both teams this year. Guy is a Scholar Athlete who was named the Wasaren League’s Boys’ Basketball Most Valuable Player for 2018 and earned a spot on the Class C Division All-State Fourth Team for basketball. He also was named one of the local newspaper’s Top Athletes.

Guy is a 2018 finalist for the John Liporace Scholarship. He plans to attend Denver University in the fall. Guy is a member of the National Honor Society and previously participated in the Business Club and worked with the school newspaper, Panther Post.

Locally, Guy has been involved in the revival of the Hoosick Falls Community Center, helping to restore the center and serving as a referee for youth basketball. He credits his coaches and his dad with instilling a strong work ethic in him and states that his goal is “always to do my best and to respect that in others.”

Guy lives in Hoosick Falls with his parents, Phoebe and Guy Milliman.

Stephanie Anne Merwin

Stephanie Merwin takes the number six spot for the Class of 2018 with a GPA of 96.3251. Stephanie is a student leader in the truest sense of the word, involving herself in several clubs, participating in multiple sports, and is always willing to advocate for herself and her peers.

Stephanie Merwin

Stephanie Merwin

Stephanie is Treasurer of her class, Editor-in–Chief for the Panther Post, and Captain of the Girls’ Softball Team. She is the President of the National Honor Society and was Treasurer for the Junior National Honor Society. Stephanie is a member of Youth-to-Youth mentoring program and besides softball, played Varsity Golf and was a member of the Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team.

She has served as an advocate within the community and school regarding topics such as the PFOA Water Crisis and school safety. She also is a lector and Sunday School teacher at her church and does the scorebook for the HFCS Boys’ Basketball team.

In April, Stephanie was awarded the Student Leadership Champion of Character Award from the Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges. She is a Scholar Athlete and is a finalist for the 2018 John Liporace Scholarship.

Stephanie will attend St Lawrence University in the fall to study Chemistry. She lives in Hoosick Falls. Her parents are mother Margaret Merwin, her step-father Jerry McAuliffe, father Michael Merwin and step-mother Tamara Merwin. Stephanie has two siblings, her sister Samantha and her brother Michael.

Sarah Jane Martin

Sarah Martin takes the seventh spot in the Class of 2018 with a GPA of 95.8719 and is prepared to study biomedical engineering at Clarkson University next fall. She takes various AP classes including AP Psychology and AP Chemistry.

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin

Sarah is a member of Key Club and the National Honor Society. She also is an Editor of the Panther Post, writing on relevant and timely topics. Her philosophy is to “take all the opportunities you can and know you are not limited.”

Sarah helps out in the community as part of the Key Club and works two part-time jobs at Thorpe’s Pharmacy and with HAYC3.

Sarah is already thinking ahead to her future, wanting to study abroad and go on to graduate school for chemistry after getting her undergraduate degree. Sarah would like to use her knowledge to work in a career in the medical field.

Sarah lives in Hoosick Falls. Her mother is Tanya Cowder, her father, the late Peter Martin. Sarah has a sister, Emily, and a brother, Andrew Tae.

Samantha Jordan Flohr

Samantha Flohr

Samantha Flohr

Samantha Flohr is eighth in the Class of 2018 with a GPA of 94.7246. She is the captain of the Girls’ Soccer team, and has played soccer at HFCS since seventh grade. Samantha is Secretary of her class, a member of the National Honor Society, and President of the Varsity Club. She was named Homecoming and Prom Queens for her class and is a Scholar Athlete.

Samantha enjoys giving back to the community, volunteering with the TOPS Soccer Program for Special Needs Children and helping out with service learning projects at the Youth Center and the HACA Food Pantry. Samantha also works two jobs at Bennington Sports and Graphics and at the Riverside Laundromat in Hoosick Falls.

Samantha plans to go to Quinnipiac University in Connecticut where she will study nursing. She is the daughter of Jordan and Laurie Flohr and has an older sister, Taylor, who is also pursuing a nursing degree.

Kayli Grace Menneto

Kayli Menneto takes the ninth spot in the Top 10 for 2018 with a GPA of 94.1551. Kayli is going to Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta next year where she received both academic and art scholarships.

Kayli Menneto

Kayli Menneto

Kayli has been involved in the Drama Club, Panther Post, and Art Club while at HFCS. She was also the president of the Graphic Design Club. She is enrolled in several AP classes including AP Calculus and AP Psychology.

Kayli volunteers in the community, helping with events such as Empty Bowls (benefitting the HACA Food Pantry) and participating in service learning projects such as aiding in the refurbishing of the Community Center.

Kayli is looking forward to going to college in Atlanta and expanding her creative opportunities. She is the daughter of Donna and James Menneto and lives in Arlington, Vt.

Sierra Caitln Funck

Sierra Funck has used her time at HFCS to develop her creative side as well as her academic abilities. Filling the tenth spot in her class with a GPA of 94.1074, Sierra has been very involved in the Drama Club, Performing Arts Council, Panther TV, and within the music program at HFCS.  This year, Sierra was one of the many highlights of the spring production of The Little Mermaid, playing the role of Sebastian.

Sierra credits the arts with “allowing me to really blossom and be myself,” and has worked to spread her sense of self-confidence to fellow students. Sierra believes in using her gifts to help others and she participates in the Mentoring program at HFCS.

Sierra Funck

Sierra Funck

Sierra will be auditioning for the Schenectady Community College Music Program at the end of May. She will continue to use her knowledge and skills to “help others also find their way,” noting how important her creative endeavors have been to her success at HFCS.

Sierra is the daughter of Kimberly and Gary Funck and she lives in Hoosick Falls along with her brother, Adam, who is in sixth grade.

Congratulations to all of the members of the 2018 Top Ten and to all the graduating students from the class of 2018!

2018 Top Ten Scholars Showing Their Panther Pride

2018 Top Ten Scholars Showing Their Panther Pride

The Top Ten Scholars of the Class of 2018: Back (L to R): Sierra Funck, Caitlyn Boyd, Sarah Martin, Kayli Menneto, and Danielle St. Hilaire. Front (L to R): Allison Perry, Samantha Flohr, Guy Milliman, Stephanie Merwin, and Bridget Redick.

Top 10 Celebrating Their Hard Work

Celebrating all of their hard work!