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Hometown Mentoring Class of 2015 - 1

The Hoosick Falls Central School District announced in 2014 that we would be launching a pilot program for connecting school graduates to alumni in a mentoring program. Here is the original announcement about the program. In the coming months, more information will be added to this page about the program, our participants, and our progress.

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Our goal at Hoosick Falls Central School is to empower our graduates to succeed in life.  The College Completion Project, along with its companion program, Hometown Mentoring, introduces students to different career options and emphasizes the importance of pursuing post-high school educational opportunities.

Hometown Mentoring is in partnership with the JLS Foundation, a non-profit foundation that has been providing mentoring and scholarships to a select group of HFCS students over the past ten years. This new program will provide the support graduates need to transition successfully from high school to college.

Two alumni – John Liporace (Class of ’84) and Dr. Todd Wysocki (Class of ’83) – are leading the Hometown Mentoring effort in partnership with HFCS administration.

Why Hometown Mentoring?

According to a recent report from Complete College America, the vast majority of students attending public colleges do not graduate on time; in fact, the report found that only 19 percent of full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. Currently, less than 40 percent of HFCS graduates complete college. The Hometown Mentoring program aims to reverse this trend by pairing HFCS graduates who are pursuing two or four-year college degrees, or vocational certification, with mentors from their hometown. The mentors – successful professionals who themselves are HFCS graduates – will help ease the academic and social transition from high school to college for our graduates beginning with the Class of 2015.

Next steps

Mr. Liporace and Dr. Wysocki will be securing HFCS alumni on an annual basis to serve as hometown mentors while HFCS will develop a list of students interested in the mentoring program. Each mentee will be matched with the best possible mentors based on student interests such as college choice and field of study. HFCS will finalize the list to ensure that college-bound seniors are assigned a hometown mentor in the spring.

Reading List

To help you sort through all of the information that exists, we will regularly be sharing articles HERE that you’ll find helpful as you navigate the next steps of your educational career.


We have an archive of letters and documents about our Hometown Mentoring / College Completion Project that you can view HERE.

Email Archive

Also, Dr. Wysocki sends emails regularly and we have an archive of them HERE. (Password protected – email Dr. Wysocki for access)



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The class of 2015 Mentors and Mentees:

2015 hometown mentoring

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The class of 2016 Mentors and Mentees:

HFCS Hometown Mentoring Class of 2016

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Hometown Mentoring Program endeavors to increase College Completion Rates

Submission for publication in an Educational Journal


The JLS Foundation, founded and chaired by John Liporace Managing Partner at Taylor, a global marketing and communications firm, researched, developed and implemented a college student mentoring program. The program aptly named, Hometown Mentoring Program (HMP), was instituted and developed in partnership with Kenneth Facin, Superintendent of the Hoosick Falls Central School District and Dr. Todd Wysocki, Associate Professor of Psychology at Hudson Valley Community College. College completion rates across the nation are below 50% after four years of study. Hoosick Falls students are completing college at below 40% according to the latest statistics from the National Clearing House. The HMP objective is to significantly increase college completion rates for students attending both two and four-year institutions by 20%. Graduating seniors are matched with mentors that have comparable academic and career interests to ensure the program’s success.  The mentors are hometown graduates who have gone on to further their education and have achieved success in their respective fields. HMP offers HFCSD bound college students with the necessary support to adjust, assimilate and thrive in their new college environment. Dr. Wysocki’s Accessible Leadership and Project LEAD mentor training frameworks have helped to establish the foundations of the HMP initiative. Dr. Wysocki’s frameworks provide the foundation for mentor training.  Mentors are trained to engage and develop bi-directional relationships with their respective students so a valid support system can be established.  Communication expectations (2-4 monthly contacts), as well as positon papers and articles about the challenges and value of higher education, are also presented for discussion.  There are many communication platforms utilized to convey information between mentors and mentees including email, texting, LinkedIn, HFCSD website posts and other social media.  Program monitoring and supervision are under the direction of Dr. Wysocki, HMP Coordinator.