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Hoosick Falls Central School Profile

Hoosick Falls Central School District is a public school comprising grades UPK through 12, located approximately 25 miles northeast of Troy at the juncture of the states of New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Serving families in the towns of Hoosick, Petersburgh, Pittstown, Grafton and White Creek, the school is situated on Route 22 approximately 1-1/2 miles south of the village of Hoosick Falls (population about 4,000 and home of Grandma Moses), 10 miles west of Bennington, VT., and 15 miles northwest of Williamstown, MA. Enrollment at Hoosick Falls Central School is approximately 1,200 students, with about 50% living in the village and 50% in the surrounding countryside. Many citizens commute to the tri-city area (Albany, Troy, and Schenectady) or to Bennington. In addition, there are numerous large dairy farms located within the district.

Accredited by The New York State Board of Regents, the school’s Common Core curriculum is structured to offer each student a choice of college preparatory and/or vocational/occupational studies including internships and apprenticeships. Through careful long-range planning, students have the opportunity to blend these programs during their four years of high school study. Classes in the four core subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are heterogeneously grouped, with acceleration offered in Science and Math in the 7th grade. Advanced Placement course offerings include AP English Literature and Composition, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP U.S. History, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Art. College credit classes in Physics from the University at Albany, Syracuse University Environmental Science and Introduction to Meteorology classes and Hudson Valley Community College classes in Music Appreciation, Journalism, Pre-Calculus, Algebra, Financial Accounting and Business Math are offered yearly. A selection of classes in the occupational education areas, and also in the fine and performing art areas, provide breadth to the students’ school experience.

The various curricula have undergone both revision and adaptation, and they continue to reflect the Common Core Standards and pedagogical shifts. Employing a variety of instructional strategies and techniques grounded in social-emotional learning standards, and offering a diversity of curriculum choice with over 100 separate courses, teachers continuously develop innovate classroom strategies. Students have access to Information Technology in computer labs, library and classroom wireless stations, all of which are utilized as part of instruction for Hoosick Falls students as they attain 21st-century skills.

In September 2015, Hoosick Falls Central School District introduced mindful practice as part of our social emotional student support framework within our school. This new initiative consists simply of a few moments of quiet reflection and calm breathing at the start of each school day, and again in the afternoon to refocus young minds on learning, as students return to the classroom after lunch. This simple technique is making a positive difference in the lives of our students. Students are developing skills and strategies necessary for better managing the stressors that can often disrupt learning.

Hoosick Falls Central School District continues to develop strategies both in and outside of the classroom, that will allow for an expansion of our social-emotional learning expectations. These practices will increase students’ capacity to cope with social-emotional pressures, helping them overcome roadblocks to academics while fostering the development of the whole child.

A staff of approximately 114 full-time professional faculty and counselors not only allows for an excellent student-teacher ratio and average class size but also provides our students with high-quality instruction representing a depth of experience and preparation. 95% of the faculty holds at least a Master’s Degree. Faculty members all hold highly qualified status under federal  education regulations. Several have received regional and state awards for excellence in teaching. Further information about Hoosick Falls Central School District is available through the District Office (ext. 1600).