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Welcome to the inaugural 2019 Capital Project article!  In an effort to keep the public informed of the upcoming Hoosick Falls Central School District (HFCSD) Capital Project, we are publishing a series of articles every other month focused on the status of the project.  You will notice that we are a fan of acronyms and do our best not to write the same things over and over again.

Design on the Hoosick Falls CSD Capital Project is well under way and has been on-going since approved by the voters on March 13, 2019.   The Capital Project combines two propositions of $16.76 million and $5.29 million with a Smart Schools Bond for technology purchases (provided by New York State) of $1.09 million for a total of $23.14 million.  This project will be roughly three times the size of the 2008 project with work taking place in almost every room of the building as well as the parking lot. As with all capital projects, a significant amount of time has been spent in the design and planning of every facet to be completed before plans are submitted to the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Most projects of this size take approximately a year from voter approval to beginning construction.  Since we want most of the work to take place when students are not here during the summers, we will ‘break ground’ 15 months after the project vote was passed.  The past six months have been devoted to creating the overall scope and sequence of the work to take place. Plans have been developed with the architects and engineers that separate the work into three phases of construction commencing at the beginning of Summer 2020 and concluding in Fall 2022.


Phase 1 ($931,500) is the smallest phase of the project, but the most important and needs to be completed before other work can begin.  It will take place from July 2020 through August 2020 and focus on replacing the boilers as well as asbestos abatement of the boiler room.  This is critical as over $75,000 has been spent on repairing the current boiler system over the past two years. We cannot continue to operate without replacing the boilers that have been in place for the past 30 years.  By the end of Phase 1, the current three-boiler system will be replaced with an energy efficient computer controlled two-boiler system, two new hot water heaters and the water storage tank removed.  

All work on the boiler room is in preparation for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project.  During the summers of 2021 and 2022, work on the heating systems will continue throughout the building with every univentilator (UV), approximately 150 units, being replaced.  When each unit is changed out, the control system will also be replaced in each room. By the end of Phase 3, every room in the building will have a new UV heating unit allowing for each room to be individually temperature controlled.

Plans for Phase 1 were submitted to the New York State Education Department the first week of September 2019.  The current approval process for capital projects in NYS can anywhere from 10-30 weeks. We are hoping to receive approval by the beginning of November and begin the bidding process for the boilers and asbestos abatement at the beginning of December.  Throughout the winter and spring bids will be received, contractors secured, boilers will be built and construction schedules finalized. While this is taking place, work with the architects and engineers will continue on the planning and design of Phase 2 and Phase 3.  Final plans for these phases will be completed and submitted to NYSED in May 2020 for construction to commence in June 2021.

If you would like additional information or have questions on Phase 1 of the project, please contact Patrick Dailey, Superintendent of Schools, via email at daileyp@hoosickfallscsd.org.  

UPCOMING ARTICLE: Phase 1 Plan Approved by the New York State Department of Education