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Senior Economics Class Video Projects

Seniors in Ms. Kreiger’s Economic Class have been busy working on creating videos as part of a project based learning project. The first set of videos are commercials for products and services they wish existed. Some of the students actually built the products too. Another project the students worked on was creating their own mock trailers for the movie Food, Inc. These videos are very creative and they all did a great job!


The “Double Sided Toothbrush” by Jake Pine, Alex Haynes, and Justin LePage:

The Hick Heel by Backes, Stowell, & Bre

Self Playing Instruments by Renee Saint Hilaire, Anna Brewwer, &  Jordan Clyde:

The Bag of Holding by Sean Yeung, Matthew Bulson, Dan Suite, and Austin Joy

“Read Me App” by Savannah Hunter

“Cell Phone Charging Bike” By Devin Weingold, Dawson Bevis, & Michael Bolognani

Dual Fuel by Megan Henry, Ashley Foster, Michael Sprague, Sydney Luke

War Paint for Girls, Hanna Bugbee, Samantha Thomas, & Lauren Harrison

Food Inc. Mock Trailers

Food Inc Trailer by Devin Weingold, Dawson Bevis,  Mike Bolognani, and Jon McCart 

Food Inc Trailer by Alex DiDonato and Jamie Danner