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HFCS Seniors stop for a moment while helping move hundreds of pounds of food for HACA's Food Pantry.

As part of their service learning, a number of HS seniors helped move heavy boxes of food items to the Hoosick Falls Baptist Church to help HACA’s Food Pantry create 200 Holiday Dinner Packages.

The students did the heavy lifting with a smile, then helped organize the food and pack the individual dinners.

“Our community is so good at helping each other,” said senior Madison Dodge. “Especially for those who can’t afford a lot of things. It’s important that they get to have a Christmas meal like we do in our homes.”

“It’s important to give back to your own community,” added Miranda Pleasant.

“It’s work, but it’s also fun,” said Sarah Flynn.

“I just moved here,” said Tyler Maynard, “but I’ve been a Boy Scout and I know how important it is to help others. Plus, we have a good time doing it.”

HACA volunteers were impressed with the students’ work ethic and ability to problem-solve during the process.

Just some of the food moved by HFCS seniors.

Mr.Manning oversaw the project with a smile and helping hand.