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Anne Ferrannini began work at Hoosick Falls Central School in 1990. She taught first grade for 14 years, fourth grade for 3 years and second grade for 1 year. Anne came to fifth grade as the math teacher, in 2008, when the team became departmentalized.  

Mrs. Ferrannini has a bachelor of arts and certification in math and elementary-middle school education from Potsdam State University College of New York. Anne graduated from Potsdam in 1987. She received her master’s degree from North Adams State College in 1994.
Anne enjoys spending time with family, visiting, and playing cards. She also enjoys reading and travelling when time permits.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Teacher
  • Location: Room 29
  • Telephone number: Ext. 1029
  • E-mail address: ferranninia@hoosickfallscsd.org