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Ms Bushey

Sarah Bushey is currently a UPK teacher for the Hoosick Falls Central School District.  She has ten years of teaching experience; her first two years as a Universal Pre-K teacher for CEO and the Hoosick Falls Central School District.  Her passion for education lies within the early childhood realm.

Mrs. Bushey’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Birth-2nd and Childhood Instruction K-6 and a Masters’ Degree in Childhood Education from SUNY Plattsburgh.  She holds a dual NYS Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood and Childhood Education.

She has been involved in the HFCS PTA since 2010; holding positions as Secretary and Vice-President.  Sarah also is the chair of the Family Fun BINGO, a free event for the entire Hoosick Falls community, held by the PTA each winter.  She volunteers at most PTA events throughout the year.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys knitting; a craft passed down to her by her mother.  Most weekends she can be found with her family, including her parents and in-laws, whom all reside in the Hoosick Falls area.

Sarah lives in Hoosick Falls, where she grew up and attended HFCS K-12.  She lives with her husband, Andrew, another HFCS alum, and her daughters Allison June and Autumn Drew.


Contact Information

  • Position Title: Teacher
  • Location: Room 17
  • Telephone number: Ext. 1017
  • E-mail address: busheys@hoosickfallscsd.org