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Steven Calebrese is a NYS Certified Physics Teacher, and holds his Master of Arts in Teaching from Union Graduate College.  In addition, Steven earned his Master of Science in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2013.   When attending hockey games between the two universities, Steven often faces an identity crisis.

Steven worked briefly for Benet Laboratories at the Watervliet Arsenal, performing failure analysis  of large caliber mortar tubes through material testing and electron microscopy.  He states that his favorite part of working at the Arsenal was yelling “pew pew pew” every time he saw a new cannon barrel.

Mr. Calebrese has been a private tutor for over 6 years, helping students at both the undergraduate and high school level achieve levels of success that cannot be measured with a 12-inch ruler.  As a teacher Steven is passionate about his subjects and his students.  His overabundant enthusiasm often drowns out the educational sorrows of his students.

Steven’s greatest accomplishments in life include being an Ultimate Frisbee summer league MVP, attempting and failing to eat an entire Friendly’s Crowd Pleaser, and finding a career that he truly loves.

Outside of school Steven enjoys staying busy by making honking sounds at cars that beep at other cars, playing Ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, and jamming with friends on the bass or guitar while singing wildly out of key.

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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Teacher, Science and Tech 7
  • Location: Room 212
  • Telephone number: Ext 2212
  • E-mail address: calebreses@hoosickfallscsd.org