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    Ken Facin, Superintendent of School


    This year, I enter year 12 as Superintendent of the Hoosick Falls Central School District. Over this time, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the students at Hoosick Falls Central School (HFCS) grow in so many ways including academically, emotionally, and socially. It is truly a gift for me and all of the HFCS staff to stand alongside our students and families. Some of the challenges we all face in preparing students to become engaged members of a global society have remained the same; others are new to us, brought on by the changing landscape of communication and the increased use of technology and social media. That is why HFCSD continues to adjust and revise the social-emotional programs at HFCS. Flexibility is needed in order to meet changing student needs. An ongoing commitment to social emotional learning (SEL) is necessary to maintain the benefit to our students of a holistic learning experience. I remain humbled and appreciative of the staff I get to work with every day. I can honestly say that every single one of them cares about our student body and the success of our students. Each day, I get to witness how they build caring, supportive relationships with students and their families. My office continues to have an “open door policy.” As we take part in the 146th school year at Hoosick Falls Central, we look forward to your positive participation and your support. If you are a member of the Hoosick area community, you are a member of the HFCS community. Thank you for helping us create an environment where the possibilities for our students remain endless. Mr. Kenneth A. Facin Superintendent of Schools