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This year marks the start of my second decade as Superintendent of the Hoosick Falls Central School District. The children at Hoosick Falls Central School (HFCS) continue to grow and excel in many ways. Truly, this is a testimony to their hard work and to those who inspire them to be better.

Our district’s mission to prepare students so they will thrive within our global society continues. It is a world where we instantly receive world news, people form relationships online, and the lines between work and home life have become blurred by technology. Yet, the ability to empathize and connect with others in person remains vital to having a fulfilling life.

For this reason, HFCS continues to invest in social-emotional learning (SEL) and is seeing the benefits of this investment in many academic and non-academic ways. We also offer students the latest restorative interventions such as equine therapy and pet therapy.

Our extraordinary teaching staff truly loves its work. They recognize and encourage each student’s strengths and interests and build meaningful relationships with them. Those relationships, along with the inspiration offered by their families, friends, and neighbors, give our students a strong foundation for the future.

My office continues to have an “open door policy.” As we take part in the 145th school year at Hoosick Falls Central, we look forward to your positive participation and your support, for each of you is an important member of our school community.

Thank you for helping us create an environment where the possibilities for our students are endless.

Mr. Kenneth A. Facin
Superintendent of Schools