The eSchoolData Parent Portal provides you with 24/7 access to your child’s academic information. With a parent portal account, you may log on at any time to view information regarding your child’s schedule, grades and attendance. Please read the information on this page. Answers to many of your questions may already be covered here.


Q. What is eSchoolData?

A. eSchoolData is a district-wide student information system.

Q. What is the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. The Parent Portal is a confidential and secure online web portal where you can get current information about your child’s school attendance, grades, assignments, schedule, etc.

Q. Who can access the Parent Portal?

A. All parents with students in grades 7-12 can access the portal. You will find information about his or her schedule, attendance, grades, contact information, transcripts, etc.

Q. Who is eligible to register for a Parent Portal account?

A. Only parents and guardians of currently enrolled students flagged to receive correspondence are eligible to register for an eSchoolData Parent Portal account.

Q. How do I register for an eSchoolData Parent Portal Account?

A. You will need to fill out the online form on the Parent Portal Login page entitled Parent Portal Registration. It is very important that you register for an account using the SAME contact information (first name, last name, email address, street address) that we have on file for you. Your first and last name, as well as your email address need to match what is already in eSchoolData or the account will be denied.

Q. What information will I have access to?

A.You may have online access to student schedules, attendance, progress reports, report cards, and teacher grade book.

Q. Where can I access the eSchoolData Parent Portal from?

A. You can access the eSchoolData Parent Portal from anywhere you have access to a computer and internet access.  Find the Link on our homepage under “quick links”.

Q. Parents are divorced and the second parent would like their own account. Is this possible?

A. Yes. Both parents can use the same student information to add a student to their own account but they must use separate email addresses.

Q. What about security?

A. The Parent Portal utilizes 128-bit encryption and is hosted in a secure Network Operation Center which is professionally monitored around the clock. The Parent Portal represents a snapshot of data that is contained in the district’s “live” student information system; therefore, even in the unlikely event that the system was compromised; the integrity of permanent records would be unaffected.

Q. Can I print what I see?

A. Yes, use the print icon on most pages.

Q. Do I need to logout of eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. Yes, when you are finished, please logout or shut down your computer. This way no one will be able to access your child’s information.

Q. Do I need a separate login for each of my children?

A. No, a single account gives you access to all the students in your household. 

Q. How many times can I log in incorrectly?

A. If you try to sign in three times incorrectly, you will be locked out of the eSchoolData Parent Portal and will have to email to have your account unlocked. Please use the “Forgot Password” link on the portal login screen if you have forgotten your password.

Q. How often is the data updated in eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. Information on the eSchoolData Parent Portal is updated based on district-defined parameters. If you have questions when you are viewing the information in each section, be sure to refer to the “last updated” indicator on that screen.

Q. How soon are progress reports and report card grades posted after a reporting period ends?

A. Progress reports and report card grades will not be posted on the eSchoolData Parent Portal until the reports are finalized.

Q. Can other people see my child’s grades?

A. As long as YOU protect your login ID and password, only you and school district employees associated with your child will be able to see your child’s grades.

Q. My husband/wife and I are separated/divorced or we want our own logins, Can we get another parent username and password for our child’s account?

A. Yes, eSchoolData allows for multiple parent accounts to be created per child. Therefore, both parents can have their own username and password but a separate email address for each parent is necessary to create the accounts. Those email addresses MUST be on file with the school and recorded in eSchoolData as part of your contact information.

Q. When will my eSchoolData Parent Portal Account be activated?

A. Please allow up to 48 hours for the eSchoolData Parent Portal accounts to be reviewed. After your request for an account is verified, you will receive an email prompting you to complete the final steps to activate the account. 

Q. Why can’t I use a new or different email address in my eSchoolData Parent Portal profile?

A. The program will not allow users to change the registered email address because each profile (or account) is based on the email address your child’s school has on file for you. A new profile will have to be created if you change your email address.

Q What kind of computer equipment do I need to view the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. Almost any computer with an Internet connection can access the eSchoolData Parent Portal.


Q. Do all grade 7th – 12th grade teachers post grade information to the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. Yes. Grades will be posted by the teacher. Remember, the teacher’s grade book is a “snapshot in time” and not necessarily an accurate reflection of the student’s overall progress or performance. Similarly, the student’s grade average may change depending on the weight or value of graded work. Some teachers may choose to simply post an updated current average every few weeks while others will be posting individual assignments with due dates and descriptions.

Q. How often can we expect grades to be updated?

A. Teachers need time to grade projects, assignments and tests. Each day teachers are expected to have new material and lesson plans ready for class. Many teachers are also involved in extra-curricular activities that take time to plan and attend. With that in mind, teachers need time to get assignments graded. Please be patient. Essays and research papers take longer to grade than a quiz. Updates should occur at least every 2 weeks.

Q. I know that teachers sometimes weight different categories of grades. How does this affect how a grade is calculated?

A. Each teacher has his or her own grading system. Some teachers calculate grades by total points while others weight the grades according to assignment categories (homework, quizzes, tests, etc.). Our teachers inform students and parents at the beginning of the course what their expectations and grading policy will be. To understand a specific grade calculation, please contact the teacher directly.

Q. How often can we expect attendance to be updated?

A. Attendance is updated daily. Unexcused absences may take a few days to be updated (changed to “excused”) depending on the number of absences, promptness of the parent excuse note and/or day of the week. The only attendance information that appears in the Parent Portal is for missed classroom periods or attendance days. If you see no information in the attendance section of the portal, it means your student has not missed any classes or days of school. 

Q. Why is it that sometimes the information I see is not accurate?

A. The District has provided the Parent Portal as a convenience. Grades and other information provided by this system are not official records and may or may not be accurate. Neither this institution nor eSchoolData accepts any responsibility for information provided by this system and/or for any damages resulting from information provided by this system. For official grades and student records, please contact your student’s school.

Q. Why don’t I see my child’s grades for an assignment in the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. When an assignment is handed in, time is needed to grade the assignment. Certain assignments such as tests, projects, or long writing assignments such as research papers, essays, etc. take a great deal of time to grade. Also, some grades can be part of a larger project and a teacher may choose to post grades after the entire project has been graded. Assignment grades are only shown after teachers have finished entering them in the eSchoolData grade book and have published them to the portal. A teacher may also be out when assignments are due and therefore, there may be a delay in grade reporting. 


Q. What do I do if I am unable to connect to the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

A. Please send an email to requesting assistance with your account. Include your student’s first and last name and grade level along with your contact information.

Q. What if I think there is incorrect academic information displayed on the Parent Portal?

A. Contact your school and/or your student’s teacher to discuss any discrepancies.

Q. Who can I talk to regarding attendance related issues?

A. Call the Attendance Officer at your student’s school.

Q. I want to change my password. How do I go about that?

A. Once you have logged into your parent portal account, go to the “Options” link on the far right side. One of the options is to change your password. Please click on this link and follow the directions. If you are unable to complete this task, please send an email to describing the problem you are having.

Q. What if I forget my password?

A. Please contact the eSchoolData Parent Portal System’s administrator by using the link for “Forgot Password?” on the parent login page. Your password will be reset by the system and you will receive an email with the new password information.

Q. What if I didn’t receive an email from the eSchoolData Parent Portal with my new or forgotten password?

A. Check to make sure your email rules and/or SPAM filter is not set to deny delivery of email sent from the eSchoolData Portal system. You can also try adding the eSchoolData Portal email address to your email address book and/or try adding this email address to your “white” list or list of approved senders.